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Former pupil and Head Girl Lisa Jacobs (nee Griffiths) was back at Bolton School today inspiring the next generation of young businesswomen. Addressing a lunchtime audience of girls from across year groups, Lisa recapped her career, explaining what her roles have involved and offered advice to girls about preparing for and choosing a career of their own. 

Lisa had happy memories of her time in the Girls’ Division, where she enjoyed playing netball and lacrosse, acting in drama productions and taking part in Business Enterprise Training. She continued to pursue a wide range of interests at Oxford where she read Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Upon graduation, her first job was as a strategy consultant at the Boston Consulting Group. She explained to the girls that the job entailed going into businesses and trying to solve problems, citing examples of a bank trying to make more money through the issuing of credit cards, a media company looking to develop new advertising channels and a retailer asking what products should we stock in store in order to maximise profit? 

Lisa then spent time as an independent business change consultant in the insurance industry before starting work for Funding Circle, where she is currently Chief Strategy Officer. She told how the company, which offers a platform and funding for small businesses to develop, had itself grown from being based solely in the UK and having 42 employees when she arrived to now having operations in five countries with 1,000 employees. She explained how she had helped Funding Circle expand in the international markets of the US, Canada, Germany and the Netherlands and told how the company had recently moved from being private to public by listing on the stock market through an IPO. 

Considering the girls’ career paths, Lisa said it is not critical to know exactly what it is you want to do just yet but offered them four key pieces of advice: be curious, keep your options open, take calculated risks and live your adventure! 

Lisa was listed as one of the 2018 ‘Inspiring Fifty’ list of women working in technology in the UK.


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