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Careers Revealed to Year 8

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Pupils in Year 8 spent the morning learning more about a variety of different career options from visiting professionals. The speakers included two Old Girls: Rachel Crompton and Amanda Valentine, who is now a Governor of the School. Both Old Girls left the School in 1983 and are now Bolton School parents themselves.

Firstly Year 8 heard brief presentations about each of the careers as an introduction to the morning. Amanda spoke about her career in Accountancy, framing her talk as a series of “life choices” which have impacted her direction. Rachel talked about Civil Engineering, including how she first became interested in this line of work and the specific route needed to access this career. In addition to the pair of Old Girls, Rachel Woods discussed Digital Technology, Elizabeth Newman gave a talk on her career in Theatre, and Sarah Chicken spoke about Surveying.

Pupils then split into smaller groups to attend a workshop with one of the speakers. After morning break, there were more workshops run by members of staff.

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