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The Girls’ Division celebrated National Chemistry Week (20-24 November 2017) with a number of exciting themed competitions. The Chemistry Department held two quiz events, one for Years 7-9 and one for Years 10-13. Chemical structures and formulae of an array of molecules were posted around the school and girls had to find them and write down the name of the compound.

Girls were also encouraged to be creative with their chemistry and were invited to carry out a creative activity. They could design a chemistry poster to advertise chemistry week, bake a cake with a chemistry theme, write a poem using chemical ideas or create a chemical design for a new chemistry mug.

Ms M Teichman, Girls’ Division Head of Chemistry, was delighted with the high standard of entries for each category. Periodic Table Mugs and Amazon vouchers were awarded to all of the winners.

Amerleen Hundle in Year 10 won the Mug Design competition. Her design will now be put forward to the ChemQuiz Mug Competition held annually by MMU.

Joint first prize for the cake baking competition went to Charlotte Barber in Year 10 for her simple but perfect water molecule, and to Fatimah Ahmed in Year 7 for her ‘attention to every chemical detail’ cake!

Amelia Doherty in Year 11 won the poetry prize for her poem about The Chemistry of Love, using many themes in chemistry to explain the anguish of love.

The quiz winners were Sanjana Patel in Year 9 for the fastest correct entry from Years 7-9, and Harriette Camus in Year 13 for the Years 10-13 category. The Year 10 team of Nabilah Thagia, Mandy Yang and Joyce Chan were also congratulated for coming very close to getting all the molecules in the Years 10-13 category.

In the cake competition, Haleemah Moahmmed and Suzanna Simmonite both produced superb entries, while Nicola Li, Rosie Sommerville and Emaan Murtaza created other excellent poster designs.

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