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Children in Need has School Seeing Spots

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Pupils at Bolton School have been decked out in spots to support Children in Need.

Children at Beech House, Bolton School’s Infant School, were accompanied by their teddy bears for the day. Lots of children decided to bring in versions of Pudsey bear himself, and they enjoyed adding ears and spotty ties, bows or bandanas to their uniforms.

At the Junior Boys’ School, pupils also added spots and spotty accessories to their normal uniforms to brighten up the halls for the day.

The Junior Girls exchanged their usual school bags for alternatives which they had chosen for the spotty pattern or hand-decorated with spots for the occasion. Many girls also decorated their school uniform with spots and wore Pudsey ears.

Even children at Bolton School’s Nursery got involved: they came in wearing fancy dress and Pudsey-themed outfits.

Over £500 has been raised so far by Beech House alone, with more donations still to be collected and counted.

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