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Cowgills Discusses Apprenticeship Options

  • Cowgill Holloway Apprenticeships with OB

Representatives from local accountants and business advisors Cowgill Holloway visited students in the Sixth Form to discuss their Apprenticeship Scheme. Lisa Wilson, a partner at the firm, was joined by Old Boy Adam Flynn, who left Bolton School in 2016 after his A Levels and went on to be an apprentice at Cowgills.

Talking to a group of interested students, Lisa and Adam were able to reveal what is involved in an apprenticeship and what they would get out of it. Adam in particular highlighted the mentoring he has received at Cowgills.

They also talked about how to apply and what the company is looking for in an application: this included the level of academic ability, but also personality, initiative and additional skills. Lisa advised the Sixth Form students on how best to sell themselves in their application and CV and in their interviews.

Adam was asked whether anything he had done at Bolton School had particularly helped him in his career so far. He talked about his involvement in the School football teams which led to him gaining a refereeing qualification: he said that his experiences dealing with players and spectators on the football pitch has been particularly useful in dealing with creditors.

Overall this was a very useful and informative session for the students with an interest in Cowgill Holloway apprenticeships. It was also a great opportunity for them to hear from a former pupil who has recently been through the process.

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