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Boys’ Division students in Year 12 learned more about careers options on a ‘World of Work’ morning arranged by the Careers Department. Throughout the event, the Sixth Form students could discover more about future employment options that interested them via talks from professionals.

The careers represented were varied and a number of alumni returned to the School to discuss their current working roles.

Old Girl Winni Lam (Class of 2004) talked about her career in software engineering, which has seen her work for two companies and also twice set up a new business: one in collaboration with others, which was eventually bought after growing to around 200 employees, and now a second solo venture with her software company Pan Out. Old Girl Sue Lewis (Class of 2005), who is Head of Volunteer Operations UK for the British Red Cross and one of the youngest members of the senior leadership team, discussed building a career in the voluntary sector. Old Boy Stephen Lintott (1982-1989) and Clare Durkin of BLM Law talked about working as a lawyer via Skype. Old Girl Tia Louden (Class of 2011) charted her journey ‘from BA to working in Tech’: she read Politics and International Relations at university, but is now a contractor with Microsoft, working as a Co-ordinator and Communications Manager and pushing herself to become more technical with the end goal of becoming an engineer. Old Girl Nicola Wilcock (Class of 2007) talked about her career in sales and marketing, which has led her to become the UK and Ireland Sales Manager at Whittard of Chelsea and manager of her own Account Exec team following seven years of experience, and gave an insight into the world of Fast Moving Consumer Goods sales.

There were also talks on arts marketing from representatives of The Lowry, getting into medicine, midwifery, nursing and dentistry, and on the Ambulance Paramedic Service. Engineers from GHD discussed their discipline, and there was a session with a self-employed travel writer. UCFB talked about the sports and events industry, Marlborough Fund Management discussed working in investment management, John Holt Architects talked about architecture as a career, and Dolphin Star Ltd reviewed the fashion and design industry.

All of the talks mentioned pathways into the profession as well as discussing the job itself and what to expect from these careers.

The morning drew to a close with a presentation about apprenticeships for the whole of Year 12. Sarra Smith, a Schools Liaison Officer for QA Apprenticeships, first talked about the realities and benefits of apprenticeships, including the fact that they allow young people to earn while they are studying and, with Higher and Degree Apprenticeships, receive the equivalent of a degree at the end of their training. She then handed over to Old Boy Nat Roohan (Class of 2017), who is now a Trainee Apprentice with JP Morgan, working in London. He talked about the fact that he did not initially plan to move on to an apprenticeship after leaving Bolton School, but discovered after doing some research that this was the best option for him. He was able to give an insight into the application process and an idea of what apprenticeships are really like, which was very valuable.

The World of Work morning gave the Year 12 students plenty to consider about their future career paths and the options available to them.

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