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Enterprising Students Create Business Ideas

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Students in Year 12 from both Divisions joined together in mixed teams to create their own business ideas as part of the Joint Business Challenge Day. This was a great opportunity for students to work on their soft skills, such as teamwork and presentation. They also had the opportunity to conduct research, project finances and plan a marketing strategy as part of their detailed business plan.

Throughout the day, the teams received advice and mentoring from external judges: Phil Warriner, Old Girl Winni Lam who now works at Cisco, carers advisor Steph Foster, Gary Dewey of the University of Liverpool, and Elenid Steffan and Chris Mullens from Edge Hill University.

After lunch, students were asked to pitch their business ideas to a panel of judges. They had just eight minutes to sell their unique idea, including all of the relevant financial information, in an interesting and informative presentation.

The five best performing teams were selected to go through to the final for the Business Enterprise Trophy, which will be held after school on 7 December in the Arts Centre.

The successful teams were:

Caterplastic, with the slogan, ‘Plastic, we’re past it!’ The team plan to use wax worms to decompose and recycle plastic from households in an environmentally friendly way. They also planned to use the by-products from this process to make further profits. The judges were impressed with the teamwork displayed by Caterplastic. Their eco-friendly goals and plans to involve offenders and use empty premises in injunction with local and national government were other highlights.

Kratos, an all-in-one security phone case that offers stylish protection, including a lining to prevent contactless payments, a blacked-out screen protector and a pop-out holder. The confident presentation and good market research helped to sell this product to the judges, as did the team’s ability to work together and delegate tasks.

Leads, a company which plans to unify electric charging companies. The idea behind this was to allow consumers to use one single app to find and use all charging points, via a subscription, rather than needing different apps for each one. The judges liked the team’s strong and well-rehearsed delivery and good team-coordination.

Life Saver, an app which enables the transfer of battery power from one smartphone to another. The judges were intrigued by this interesting alternative to a power bank.

Pet Track, a tracker fitted to a pet which keeps the owner up to date about the pet’s exercise and location. As well as being able to track the number of steps the pet takes in a day, there would also be security features such as the option to set boundaries and an alert via the app if the pet strays beyond these. The judges like the unique product which was presented through a very well-researched and confident pitch.

The five successful teams also received feedback from the judges to allow them to improve their presentations even further before the final. They will then go head-to-head in a Dragon’s Den style pitching contest to see which will receive the Business Enterprise Trophy.

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