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Fun and Fundraising at Fireworks Evening

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As the crowds returned for Bolton School’s Fireworks Extravaganza, an annual event organised by the Girls’ Division PA, large amounts of money were also raised for various charities. There were a number of stalls, raffles and challenges as well as musical performances before the main spectacular event which was accompanied by a soundtrack of ‘Disco Through the Decades’. 

Maths Teacher Grant Heppelston ran a stall raising funds for a charity campaign he has been championing for over 5 years called Well-Good Water, which provides clean drinking water to people in developing countries. Selling decorative bottles and cakes and taking donations, they raised over £200. Selling the bottles, his team of student helpers highlighted that purchasing a £10 bottle was enough to provide five people with water for an entire year - ‘So much water in just one bottle’ was their campaign. 

Money was also raised by the GD Parents’ Association, which will go towards the refurbishment of the Girls’ Division Theatre. Friends of Bolton School raised £223 and this money will go into the School’s Bursary Fund which will help pupils study at the School that otherwise may not have been able to afford to. The Infant School PA raised a further £111 and two Girls’ Division Young Enterprise fundraiser teams all raised monies.

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