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GP’s Advice to MedSoc

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Former Bolton School pupil Ashish Choudry (1989-99) was back at his alma mater to deliver an insightful lunchtime presentation to the Medical Society on what life is like as a generalist GP.  His overriding message was that it is important to treat the patient and not the disease and he spoke much of the ‘art of medicine’. He advised on the importance of looking at each patient as an individual and told how communication skills are critical in order to make a good connection. The group also considered other attributes that a medical practitioner needs including empathy, integrity, coolness under pressure, fact recall and teamwork skills. He told the group that it is important to try and maintain a work-life balance and how he rises at 5.30am every morning in order to fit in a gym session before work.

The audience of Sixth Form boys and girls also learnt about Ashish’s career path after he studied A levels in Chemistry, Maths and Physics, including his time at the University of Leicester Medical School and Harvard and how he is now also an Undergraduate teacher at the University of Manchester. There was much wisdom imparted on the history of medicine, recent advances and future developments. The vast range of things that a doctor is expected to know was explored and Ashish explained how in the 1950s it was thought it would take 50 years for the body of medicine knowledge to double in size and how this now happens annually!

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