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Y6 and Y8 girls at Bolton School were given a fascinating glimpse into a career in the Royal Air Force (RAF), when their interactive roadshow visited the Girls’ Division. The dynamic young team of demonstrators impressed the audience with their presentation which used gaming, video clips, VR and a fun flight simulator to help girls understand about training and the different career opportunities open to them if they were to join the RAF. Pupils also learnt about what lies ahead for the RAF and the exciting possibilities of using greater stealth, greener technology and solar powered aircraft with no pilots whatsoever!  The presentation concluded with an explanation of the physics behind flight and a demonstration of how powerful jet engines are (200,000 revs per minute and generating enough heat to melt your hand). A video clip recorded earlier in the day, before exams began, illustrated how loud a jet engine is and the team showed how a jet-pack had allowed someone to fly across the Channel at 200mph.

There was a brief overview of some of the careers that are available within the RAF, which are fully explained at: www.raf.mod.uk/recruitment

Inspired by the physics of engines, Y8 pupils then built and raced their bloodhound model cars.

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