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Local Pupils Enjoy RSC Christmas Chemistry Lecture

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Over 1,000 local pupils from 20 secondary schools from across the North-West joined pupils from the Boys’ Division and Girls’ Division of Bolton School for the annual RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry) Christmas lecture held in the boys’ Great Hall.

The audience, comprising pupils from state and independent schools in Y9 and above, was treated to a spectacular ‘Flash Bang’ show from staff from King’s School Macclesfield. A range of captivating chemistry experiments was conducted on stage, which gave a basic introduction to the world of atoms, molecules, solids, liquids and gases. For seasoned attendees, there were some new displays this year including ‘fire-flies’ and a great mortar finale. The science behind each colourful flash and percussive bang was fully explained, with students enjoying a wide range of demonstrations, including liquid nitrogen being used to create bright blue liquid oxygen and the explosive capacity of hydrogen. The propulsive powers of this highly reactive element were also revealed as the demonstrators fired hydrogen-powered bottle-rockets across the increasingly smoky Great Hall, much to the delight of the audience! In what is always a fascinating presentation, the Chemistry students also learnt about the everyday practical applications of these reactions. 


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