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MasterChef Old Boy Inspires GCSE Pupils

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Old Boy Chris Harbour (1972-1979) appeared on MasterChef last year and reached the quarter-finals of the competition. He returned to Bolton School to speak to GCSE Food Technology students in the Girls’ Division. His visit came exactly one year on from filming the quarter final.

Although Chris is a dentist by day, he is passionate about cooking, and this came across throughout his presentation. He talked about what it was really like competing in MasterChef, from cooking in the MasterChef kitchen just a few minutes after walking into it for the first time, to what judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode were actually like in the kitchen, to the amazing friendships he has made through appearing on the programme.

He also discussed the dishes he cooked as part of his MasterChef experience, showing pictures and talking about the flavours and his reasoning behind each dish. He even showed pupils the guava dessert he would have produced if he had made it through the quarter finals. Chris said that the highlight for him was cooking in a professional kitchen at the restaurant Sartoria Mayfair with Francesco Mazzel. On the subject of the judges’ comments, he said they were truthful and helped him to improve his cooking, and the experience also encouraged him to learn new skills.

To close his talk, he showed pictures of some delicious and beautifully presented meals he and his wife cook on a regular basis, from a savoury ’99 to a Christmas starter presented to look like a Christmas tree, to his own version of the Sartoria dish he cooked on MasterChef. The girls were hugely impressed by the food he described.

Chris’s visit will certainly have given pupils plenty of inspiration for the three-course meals they will have to produce as part of the GCSE course.

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