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May Serenade Streams Music to School Community

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For the first time, the May Serenade was streamed live from the Girls’ Division Great Hall. Pupils, staff and their families gathered at home to enjoy this traditional evening of spectacular music-making. Fifteen soloists, three choirs and one ensemble made the most of the opportunity to perform for an audience.

The soloists were the winners and the Highly Commended entries from the Girls’ Division Music Festival, which concluded in April. They played and sang a wide range of very impressive instrumental and voice pieces, featuring the works of Beethoven, Paganini and Prokofiev, a piece from ‘Les Miserables’ and even The Weekend’s hit ‘Blinding Lights’!

The Wind Ensemble played the theme from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘Largo’ from the New World Symphony by Dvorak. The Joint Chamber Choir sang ‘The New World’ from Songs for a New World by Jason Robert Brown, while the Year 9 Choir sang ‘Fight Song’ by David Bassett and Rachel Platten.

The Girls’ Chamber Choir brought the May Serenade to a moving close with ‘Someday’ from ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ and ‘Fields of Gold’.

Unfortunately, technical difficulties on the night meant that the stream cut out half way through the programme. However, the show must go on and the remaining acts performed for the cameras! The recording was later released via YouTube for everyone to enjoy.

You can watch the May Serenade in full via the links below:

The Girls’ Division Music Festival winners for 2021 were:

  • Millie Ashton – Percussion
  • Emily Bowden – Middle School Wind Grade 5+
  • Grace Collings – Senior School Voice
  • Amy Costello – Middle School Voice
  • Caitlin Davies – Middle School Wind Grade 1-4
  • Alice Edwards – Senior Strings
  • Madeleine Hornby – Middle School Piano Grade 1-3
  • Summer Kay – Senior School Wind Grade 6+
  • Cheryl Khoo – Middle School Piano Grade 1-3
  • Estelle Pass – Senior School Piano Grade 5+
  • Sofia Riaz – Middle School Piano Grade 4+
  • Emma Seddon – Senior School Wind
  • Highly Commended: Lily Ma – Middle School Wind Grade 5+

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