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Miss Niaz Sprinkles Kindness

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Former pupil and now Y1 teacher at Beech House, Bolton School’s Infant School, Miss Amani Niaz, is, once again, collecting provisions for families in need at Christmas. 

Explaining her mission, Miss Niaz said: ‘I enjoyed spending lots of time raising money for charities throughout my time in Bolton School Girls’ Division and I carried on doing this during university. I then trained to become a teacher and completed my PGCE year in local schools around Bolton. I completed my NQT and RQT years in a school in Gorton and this opened my eyes to the struggles some families face on a daily basis. I decided I wanted to help them. I used to donate toiletries, clothes and food at Christmas time and throughout the year. 

‘It is my third year here at Beech House and, last year, in the light of Covid and hearing of so many more families struggling, I decided to launch my “Sprinkle of Kindness” appeal and open it up to the children and families at Beech House and my family and friends. This was a tremendous success and the amount of donations I received from everyone was absolutely amazing. We are doing it again this year and the response has again been fantastic. We will be taking donations of food, clothes, toys, toiletries and Christmas gift boxes to two schools in Gorton and one local primary school in Bolton. It has been a great talking point for the children of Beech House and has given them a better understanding of the wider world.’

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