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Old Boy Entrepreneur Assists DTE Projects

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Earlier in the year, former pupil Rob Dobson, who now works for Edinburgh-based Robotical, sent educational robot products, retro computers and technical expertise to pupils in the Electronics Club of Bolton School Boys’ Division. Having attended the boys' summer Prizegiving the evening before and watched the DT prize, which he donated, being given to Y13 student Sam Bruton, Rob spent the morning inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurial engineers. 

Working with Jack Swires from Y10 and Nathan Donaldson, an Electronics A level student, Rob helped them with their projects using the equipment he had donated. The small team worked hard through the morning and were delighted to build versions of Space Invaders and Manic Miner, video games from the 1980s!  Mr Butchart oversaw proceedings and said: “It has been a really productive morning and we are indebted to Rob for giving his time, expertise and equipment. He helps stretch our DTE pupils that little bit further and, as a technology entrepreneur, offers them invaluable career advice.”

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