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Old Boy's Royal Appointment

  • Roger Gould

Former pupil, former President of the Old Boltonians’ Association and current Executive Governor, Roger Gould heads off to London this week for a very special royal appointment. 

Roger, along with his wife, will meet the Queen at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. Retired Chartered Accountant Roger will be taking part in a ceremony that can trace its roots back more than 700 years; he will be one of 92 men and 92 women this year to receive ‘Maundy money’ from Queen Elizabeth II as recognition for his service to the Christian and local communities.

A Methodist preacher for nearly half a century, treasurer of Oldham and Saddleworth Churches Together and, since 2001, involved with the Oldham Interfaith Forum, Roger received his nomination from the Bishop of Manchester, the RT Rev David Walker.

“It came out of the blue as far as I was concerned,” Bolton-born Roger told his local paper, the Saddleworth Independent. “As I understand it, the Bishop is able to nominate five people and I think there is only one other person from Greater Manchester nominated, a non-stipendiary clergyman from Bolton. We have not been to the Chapel before so we are going to spend a couple of days down there. It should be a pleasant experience. I had to send a note of things through to Buckingham Palace that the Queen might want to talk to me about, a briefing. I think it is most unlikely she talks to more than the odd one but you never know.”

Roger added: “I regard being chosen to receive Royal Maundy as a privilege shared with Cathy, my wife, who has been the rock of our family life and supported me in everything I’ve done, in addition to a huge amount of voluntary service of her own.

“It is also shared with all those I have been involved with in a variety of voluntary capacities at Uppermill Methodist Church, in Churches Together in Oldham and Saddleworth, the Oldham Interfaith Forum, several other charities and beyond.”

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