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Old Girl Inspires Future Medics

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Following the huge success of the inaugural Platt Fisher Lecture, Dr Sheila Fisher returned to Bolton School to meet with Girls’ Division students about her career and life so far.

With an incredible turn out of 75 girls from School’s Dymond Society followed by a more intimate Sixth Form aspiring-medic group, Sheila fielded questions from the audience and developed on the principles laid out during her lecture.

When asked what she’d have done if she hadn’t been a surgeon, Sheila noted how much she has enjoyed her ‘second’ career in research and that her love for maths at School might have led her down a different path entirely! Sheila explained to both groups that within her line of surgery, or any medical discipline, you have to accept that sometimes things do go wrong and you won’t get the outcome you aimed for. Accepting that and being able to cope and still lead the team is something that you have to know you can do before you enter the profession. Taking time to know yourself and your talents but also insight into what you may find difficult is part of all aspects of life.

An unexpectedly humorous answer was in response to a question about fear, which Sheila, laughing, answered ‘running out of energy and accepting retirement!’. She added that she’s most grateful for the generosity of her bursary funded place at Bolton School and her the belief in her of her former teacher, John Alston, gave her opportunities that she has relished; never saying no and believing that every decision she’s made has led her to living an exceptionally fulfilled, busy and thriving life. 

Alongside the success of her career as her lecture explained, juggling life as a mum and a surgeon hasn’t been easy, but hearing how proud and inspired her sons are of her, Sheila noted they are her proudest achievement.

Watch Sheila’s lecture here.

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