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Old Girl Teaches Boys About Antibiotics

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As part of World Antibiotics Awareness Week Thorrun Govind, who left Bolton School in 2010 and went on to complete a degree in Pharmacy at King’s College London, gave an instructive and engaging assembly to over 200 boys in Bolton School Boys’ Division Junior School. Pulling 11 year-old Deeyan from the audience, who had celebrated his birthday the day before, she had the boys sing “Happy Birthday” to him – twice! She explained that this is how long it should take you to wash your hands properly. Thorrun was full of good advice through the presentation, reminding boys to use tissues when they sneeze, to consider going to a Pharmacist instead of a doctor if your illness is not too severe and to return any unused medicines. She told them about the great work that antibiotics can do but also steered them towards the Antibiotic Guardian website, where you can learn more about the importance of not over-using these important medicines. Antibiotics, she told the boys, are not always needed when you are unwell.

Thorrun, who is a qualified Pharmacist, is also a trainee lawyer (specialising in healthcare law) with Hempsons.

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