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Old Girl's Plea to Respect Boundaries in Pharmacies

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Thorrun Govind, who left Bolton School in 2010 and is currently on the frontline fighting Coronavirus as a Community Pharmacist, featured on BBC news channels yesterday as she made a plea to respect pharmacists’ boundaries.

Talking live from Manchester yesterday, she said: “Pharmacy teams are working incredibly hard across the country and it is important that we make sure they stay well. The public need to realise that their interactions with pharmacy teams might change. Some pharmacies will limit the number of people allowed in at any one time and will insist on them standing at least 2m apart. It is important that we all stay well as long as possible in order that we can support patients. Many pharmacies are providing a delivery service to vulnerable patients, many of whom are self-isolating. Today I am making a plea to respect our boundaries and for people to follow the social distancing guidelines and to not enter a pharmacy if they are experiencing Coronavirus symptoms.”

You can watch the excerpt here.

You can abreast of the latest developments in pharmacy and on healthcare issues via Thorrun's Twitter feed: @pharmthorrun

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