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Pre-School Class Moves to Beech House

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Ahead of its 10th year, Bolton School’s Pre-School Class for 3 and 4 year olds has moved into Beech House, the Infant School for 4-7 year olds. 

Discussing the exciting move, Class Teacher Mrs Sheryl Foster said: ‘As our mission is to ensure pre-school girls and boys are ready for the transition to Infant School and beyond, our change of premises makes total sense. The children have always attended assemblies at Bolton School’s Infant School, as well as a range of lessons including Music and PE. Now that they are spending even more time in this setting, they will have become totally accustomed to it by the time they move up to Reception Class the following September. Girls and boys still enjoy lots of play-based fun that children aged 3 and 4 should but they also benefit from more structured classes that support language, literacy, phonics and maths. Our mixing of formal and informal learning, emphasis on developing politeness and listening skills, combined with the children's exposure to school routines and life means they become truly “school ready”. The move has also meant that they have more ready access to the great facilities of Beech House, including the library space, Hall, Art Room and outdoor play area. 

The Pre-School Class remains an attractive choice for those families who want to join the Bolton School Family at an early stage – many of the children will remain at the School until they are 18 years old, taking friendships with them as they go.’ 

The teacher-led Pre-School Class runs from 8.00am-3.15pm each day during term-time. Wrap-around care, before and after the class, is also available at the School’s Kidzone facility from 7.30am-6.00pm and during holiday periods for the three and four years olds. Parents can therefore opt for either full-time, 51 weeks of the year care or a school term time pre-school education.

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