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Pupils Exceed Great Expectations

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Bolton School collaborated with the Octagon Theatre to put on this year’s Joint Middle/Lower School production of ‘Great Expectations’.  BAFTA-nominated writer and director Janys Chambers created a brand new adaptation of the story, breathing new life into Charles Dickens’ masterpiece, and Jane Linz Roberts, a London-based award-winning designer, designed the set which was especially built for the production by the School’s technicians.

Under Janys’s direction, the cast of almost forty pupils in Years 8 and 9 from both Boys’ and Girls’ Divisions impressed audiences during the two-night run with a new version of this classic tale. The production captured the timeless pleasures of a good yarn and audiences were blown away by it.

Janys said: “There was so much talent in our young cast.  Great Expectations is a huge story with huge emotions and Dickens’ language is not easy. This was a complex version too, with a lot of interwoven choral work.  But the young people worked incredibly hard and rose to the challenge of the piece magnificently.  The whole ensemble was brilliant and I was very proud of them all.”

Miss Toland, Second in the English and Drama department in the Girls’ Division, said: “This was such a fantastic opportunity for all the students involved. To work with a BAFTA-nominated writer and director, within a professionally commissioned set, was incredibly enriching and rewarding for the pupils. The girls and boys got so much out of the experience and thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. They made new friends and memories to last a lifetime!”

The two first-rate performances took place in the Girls’ Division Theatre and volunteers from the Boys’ and the Girls’ Division Parents’ Association provided an amazing spread of refreshments on both nights.

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