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Raising Funds for Children in Need

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Children of all ages at Bolton School have been helping to raise money for Children in Need as part of the national campaign.

The day began with a special Breakfast Club for the Junior Girls. The Breakfast Club is organised by the Parents’ Association and on this special occasion the money raised will go to the charity. The girls also donated £2 each to augment their usual uniform with spots and Children in Need items: some wore spotty skirts, others had Pudsey and Blush tops, and there were lots of yellow ears on display!

Children in the Infant School at Beech House brought in change in the hopes of making a coin trail all around school with their donations! The children had fun placing the coins and steering the line around obstacles to see if they could make it all the way through the school.

At the Nursery, the rooms were brightened by lots of yellow Children in Need themed outfits and cute bear ears, and families made generous donations to the cause.

In the Girls’ Division, a class of Year 8 pupils held a sweet sale at break time and a school-wide non-uniform day raised even more money for Children in Need! Girls enjoyed wearing their Pudsey ears and accessories for the day.

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