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Red Clothes for Red Nose Day

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Children at Bolton School and their families joined in with the national fundraising efforts for Comic Relief on Red Nose Day. At the Junior Girls’ School, pupils came to school dressed in their brightest clothing, with many choosing to wear red and Red Nose Day accessories, in exchange for a donation.

At Beech House, red accessories were added to the Infants’ uniforms, from bow ties and ribbons to tights and jumpers! The children raised over £600 on the day.

The Nursery also got involved with the Red Nose Day activities. The children dressed in brightly-coloured clothing and enjoyed a red theme to the day, from making rice crispy cakes with cherry ‘noses’ in the Tweenies room to the Caterpillars making brightly coloured headbands featuring red pom-poms. The youngest children in the First Steps room even had their noses painted red for the occasion!

Children in the Pre-School Nursery Class also wore red for Red Nose Day and raised an additional £26.31.

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