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Revealing Careers Related to the Environment

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The Careers Department arranged a Careers Relating to the Environment Day for pupils in Years 10 to 13 in both Divisions. This was an opportunity for anyone interested to learn more about a wide range of careers, from Countryside Management and Landscape Architecture to working as a Civil Servant in the Department for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs.

A number of the speakers were alumni of the school, who returned to share their experiences with today’s pupils.

Amanda Halford (Old Girl, 1985-87) is Executive Vice President Life Sciences Division at EAG Laboratories and spoke about how science helps in protecting the environment, and particularly how analytical chemistry and biology can allow us to understand the impact of products on animals, plants, insects and waterways. John Ingham (Old Boy, 1989-1996) is Principal Landscape Architect/Landscape Restoration Manager for Hanson UK and gave a presentation about his work managing and coordinating the design and implementation of quarry restoration schemes across the UK, and also Landscape Architecture more generally. Pamela Thompson (Old Girl, 1983-85) works for the Department for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and was able to give an insight into Defra’s environmental and sustainability agenda and the range of opportunities available working within a government department, using her career as an example.

Alastair Banks, Director at Banks Engineering & Management Ltd and a Bolton School parent, was joined by Steve Barton, Environmental Manager at Willmott Dixon, to discuss the impact of engineering, surveying and construction on the environment and what measures are taken to make them more environmentally friendly. Katherine Harrison, Teaching Fellow at the University of Manchester, gave a talk about why Earth and Environmental Scientists matter, how they impact everyday lives, and the career paths available.

Two of the guest speakers delivered their presentations to children from the Junior Boys’ and Junior Girls’ Schools as well as to older pupils. Val Stevens (Old Girl, Class of 1952) has enjoyed 48 years of volunteering in the environmental movement and talked to pupils about the devastating impact of plastics, including some easy ways they and their families can minimise their plastic use. Paul Farrington, a Countryside Ranger who has 25 years of experience, talked about ‘Peter Rabbit and Me’, describing what it’s like to be a Ranger for the National Trust and other organisations.

The day was a great way for pupils to find out more about these varied and interesting careers, all of which can have an impact on the environment in different ways.

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