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School Meets Christmas Hamper Challenge Again

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Pupils at Bolton School have again risen to Urban Outreach’s Christmas Hamper Challenge. Each year, local charity Urban Outreach collect donations from across the town and put together 1,300 hampers which are distributed to those in need over the festive period. Assisting for the seventh year in succession, the School’s mission was to collect 2,600 selection boxes, with an average price of £1-2, which would form part of a hamper given to families.

Whilst the bulk of the selection boxes were collected over a 4 week period from generous parents, parents’ employers, friends and children, there were also bake sales, raffles (in and out of school), charity Christmas card sales and Christmas jumper wearing days across the campus which raised funds to buy more selection boxes. The Junior Boys’ School donated 409 boxes, the Junior Girls’ School gave 555 boxes and the Senior Girls’ School collected 1,783 selection boxes. Separately, 724 boxes of mints were also collected.

A delighted Mrs Entwistle, Head of Community Action, reflected: “Urban Outreach came into School to collect our donation and it was great to involve pupils from across the campus who formed a human chain as we passed the boxes into their van. The Sixth Form girls have been really well organised in the running of this campaign. Over the past six years, we have donated everything from chocolate mints, Christmas puddings, stuffing and cranberry sauce. The project is so worthwhile and an excellent way for Bolton School to support others, as well as work with other volunteers in the community. A project like this helps pupils appreciate what community spirit is and it has helped them remember that helping others is really what is most important.”

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