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School Meets Christmas Hamper Challenge

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Once again, Bolton School has exceeded its own targets in collecting food items which will help make up Christmas hampers for those in need across the town. The annual effort is coordinated by Urban Outreach and this year they have been collecting foodstuff in order to prepare 1300 family hampers and 400 single hampers, which will be distributed across the town before the big day. 

This year, children aged 4-18 years and their parents have been involved in the campaign. The Primary Division of Bolton School collected 1500 tubes of Pringles, the Boys’ Division donated 200 large Christmas puddings and the Girls’ Division collected 500 mince pies and 400 mini Christmas puddings. 

Collecting the Christmas savouries, Samuel Bagley said: ‘You guys are amazing. Every year you pull out all the stops in an epic way and we are incredibly grateful for everything that you do. This year we will be delivering hampers to families and individuals who we would not ordinarily see on our list. Many people have found themselves struggling and some family businesses have collapsed during the pandemic. The single hampers are a new addition this year and they will help provide nice extras to those that struggle to cook. Once again, many thanks to Bolton School.’

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