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School Sees Spots for Children in Need

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Pupils all across Bolton School got involved with raising money for Children in Need.

Children in the Nursery Class for Three- and Four-Year-Olds dressed in yellow and added Pudsey and Blush accessories. They decorated biscuits, created ‘Funky Fingers’, made sticker Pudseys, and drew pictures for the Learning Walls.

The Infant School also saw children wearing Pudsey ears, ties and other accessories. They also brought their own teddies into school for the day and enjoyed a variety of themed activities.

In the Junior Girls’ School, pupils added spots and accessories to their normal uniform, with some girls even handing out stick-on spots in the playground during break and lunchtime.

The Junior Boys were excused from wearing their uniform in exchange for donations and also brought in 10p pieces, which were used to create a giant Pudsey bear image!

The donations from all across the school are still being counted and the fundraising totals will be announced in the coming weeks.

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