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School's Urban Outreach Donation

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Dave Bagley of Urban Outreach is a regular visitor to Bolton School as he collects food items, particularly at Harvest and Christmas, to help those in need in the town. Next week he will be back in the Girls' Division collecting packet and tinned food items from Senior and Junior Girls and from the Junior Boys' School as well as a financial contribution from the School's Infant School. However, today he collected 140 cones of chocolates, initially intended for the School's fundraising Summer Ball, which is organised by the Parents' Associations. 

Dave said: "We are always amazed at the efforts that children and parents at Bolton School go to in order to support our campaigns. The last six months have been very intense as we have helped over 40,000 families in the town. The chocolates will be used to thank our volunteers and supporters. I look forward to being in school again next week to pick up the food produce that is being collected." 

A diverse range of gifts and experiences donated by local businesses, which would have been auctioned on the night of the Summer Ball, are now being auctioned online by the PA.

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