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Students Celebrate Outstanding Results and Progress

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Data recently released by the government shows Sixth Form students in the Girls’ Division and Boys’ Division of Bolton School performing exceptionally well – both in terms of A level results and the progress they make from finishing their GCSEs to the end of their A-level studies, compared to similar students across England. Boys made "well above average progress" and girls "above average progress". By clicking here you can see how well both the Boys’ Division and Girls’ Division fared against similar local schools.

Sue Hincks, Headmistress of the Girls' Division said: "I am delighted with the DfE performance data for the Girls' Division. What makes me especially proud is the value added as this score is based on the GCSEs which the girls achieved. We know that the girls do phenomenally well at GCSE and so to make further progress at A-level is a huge tribute to their ability, motivation and enthusiasm, as well as to the commitment and expertise of their teachers."

Headmaster of the Boys' Division, Philip Britton added: "I am always pleased when the value added results show the school to be excelling. These figures do not measure anything about how able the boys are but how they do compared to how they would do elsewhere. The fact that we do well compared to all local schools and colleges is a real opportunity to praise how the boys commit to their learning and how my colleagues help, support and teach them, alongside all the rest of the things they achieve at school."

In the Bolton area, the Boys' Division was top for the numbers achieving at least AAB grades ­— 41.9 per cent. The Girls’ Division was top for the average grade a student achieved which was B+ ­— but just taking into account the best three A-level results only, the grade average stood at A-.

The borough's A-level grade average was C and the national average was C+.

A third of students at the Girls' Division left with AAB grades in their exams.

In Bolton, 6.9 per cent of students achieved the top AAB grades and nationally that figure was 16.5 per cent. For the AAB measure, the Government only looks at A-levels which include two "facilitating" subjects ­— strong academic subjects.

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