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Thorrun Shares Career in Pharmacy and Law

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Old Girl Thorrun Govind (Class of 2010) spoke to Girls’ Division pupils as part of a series of World of Work talks for Year 10. She began with a brief overview of her career so far.

After leaving Bolton School, Thorrun studied Pharmacy at King’s College London for four years, followed by one year of additional training. After another year, she began work towards her graduate diploma in law and legal practice course alongside her pharmacist job. She is now a trainee solicitor with a healthcare law firm in Manchester, but continues to work as a pharmacist at the weekends.

Thorrun also mentioned being elected to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in 2018, becoming the youngest board member, as well as her efforts to promote healthcare and pharmacy to the general public.

Year 10 then posed a variety of enthusiastic questions for her to answer.

Speaking about her proudest achievements, Thorrun said that although she has won awards, it’s the moments when she has been able to help patients that she is most proud of. She also mentioned her current work administering Covid vaccines. She revealed that her biggest challenge was studying to join a professional body when she had only been a pharmacist for two years, because people argued that she was too young. She said, ‘Age isn’t a factor, it’s about what you’ve done. If you want to do something, go and do it. If you ask permission to do everything … you’ll always get people who say no to you.’

The Year 10 girls asked what expectations she had that differed from reality. She was able to talk about the complexities of being a pharmacist and pointed out: ‘It can be very easy, when you’re studying, to put things in a box and think things are black and while, when in reality it’s shades of grey.’ In addition, she spoke about the importance of accepting that sometimes things go wrong, and you can only mitigate that as much as possible.

Thorrun talked about how the Covid pandemic has affected her work, both as a pharmacist and as a trainee solicitor. She returned to working as a pharmacist full-time at the start of the pandemic and spoke passionately about the risks pharmacists have faced during this period due to people visiting pharmacies while symptomatic or when they should be quarantining. She also said that her work as a trainee solicitor has been much more challenging while working from home, particularly because she has lost the opportunity to ‘learn by osmosis’.

Finally, Thorrun revealed that, although she was interested in law when choosing her university in Sixth Form, she ultimately decided not to apply. In part this was because she didn’t think she could do it. However, she explained that sometimes the only limits are ones we put on ourselves by thinking we can’t do something. Related to this point, she recommended that girls read ‘Mindset’ by Carol Dweck, which discusses fixed and growth mindsets and how they affect us.

Thorrun’s answers helped the whole of Year 10 to gain a better understanding of what careers in pharmacy and law might be like, as well as inspiring them with the idea of how much they might achieve with hard work and determination.

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