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Sixth Form boys took part in two days of Business Enterprise and Skills Training (BEST) at Bolton School. This event is designed to prepare Year 12 students for the world of work by helping them to develop a range of skills relevant to business and entrepreneurship.

As a warm-up task to begin the first day, boys were asked to come up with marketing ideas for a new game. This was followed by a keynote address and interview skills workshop with Chris Reynolds. Students spent the rest of the morning creating video CVs on iPads, which were then reviewed in groups with constructive feedback from staff and peers. In the afternoon, Phil Warriner led a session on communication and students practiced assessment centre activities with Steph Foster. After school and an energiser activity, students had the opportunity for some interview practise and obtained feedback from the volunteers who were mainly parents and former students.

On the second day, students reconvened for more skill-building through a variety of workshops. Steph Foster talked about the ‘Recruitment Hoops’ that must be jumped through and, in the afternoon, led a task to help improve communication skills. Practical tasks ‘All Adrift’ and ‘Don’t Spill It’ got the boys to focus on their teamwork. Old Boy Pete Aunins (Class of 1996) led a session on ‘The Economics of Free Apps’ and challenged the Year 12s to consider how companies convince their users to keep playing. There was also a Dragon’s Den style challenge, in which groups had to consider which London restaurant they would like to renovate and run and produce a plan with detailed reasoning behind their decisions. This was run by KPMG employees: Sophie Mondo and Ruth Winter on the Tuesday and Old Girl Hannah Taylor (Class of 2010) and her colleague Richard Woolley on Thursday.

During the same week, students also took part in a leadership training course with the Army which included an intensive assault course.

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