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Words of Wisdom from Old Boy Peter

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After twenty five years of “great fun” in technology and the financial services industry, former pupil Peter Richards (1969-1975) returned to Bolton School to advise students on their future career.

He told Sixth Form boys and girls to find something they enjoy doing and if you find yourself doing something that you do not enjoy, then change jobs! He said it had taken him until he reached his thirties before settling on financial services. Expanding on his career, he said work was currently even more fun than ever as he and colleagues try to grow a new tech start-up company. He told the students not to be put off by any industry’s jargon and that finance is pretty straightforward if you peel away the terminology. He explained the meaning behind the likes of ‘options and futures’, ‘derivatives’ and ‘mortgage backed securities’ and told the audience that if you have a logical mind and are pretty savvy then finance could be for you.  However, he did warn them of long hours and told them how he used to have to start work in London at 6.00am in order to catch the Japanese markets before they closed. He said that whilst the pay is rewarding, if you are only in it for the money then you will not enjoy it. The best thing about working in finance, he said, was that there was always something interesting happening and you are always learning. He warned the audience to never assume you are perfectly trained for something as life is a continuous learning process.

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