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Young Scientists Experiment in School Lab

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Members of Beech House Science Club were excited to conduct a series of experiments in a real laboratory during a visit to the Girls’ Division Senior School.

Beech House pupils were welcomed to a lab by Ms Teichman, one of the Girls’ Division Chemistry teachers. They were asked to put on safety spectacles and gather around the four lab benches, where Sixth Form girls were on hand to explain the experiments and lend a helping hand.

The children discovered indicators and were amazed to see them change colour when added to lemon juice. They had fun testing whether shaking or blowing through a straw produced more bubbles, and which soap formed the most bubbles. As well as exploring how much coloured liquid a nappy could absorb, they felt the difference in weight before and after. Pupils also learned the names and uses for different pieces of scientific equipment, from Bunsen burners to test tube racks, and were delighted to recognise pipettes from their work in Science Club!

At the end of the short session, Ms Teichman turned down the lights and gave a demonstration using a Bunsen burner. The lab was filled with gasps as she produced orange, red, green, pink and blue flames and a dazzling shower of sparks by adding substances used in making fireworks. As the grand finale, she burned a piece of magnesium which lit up the darkened lab with bright white light.

All of the Beech House pupils were enthusiastic about the experiments, asked and answered lots of questions and thoroughly enjoyed the fireworks-themed demonstration.

The experience was organised by the Beech House teachers who run Science Club and Ms Teichman in the Girls’ Division.

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