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Bolton Boys in Focus

A pictorial history book of the Boys' Division written by former Boys' Division teachers David Shaw and Charles Winder

The book, Bolton Boys in Focus, is a collection of photos from 1875-2010 and shows the startling range of activities and events that the boys have been involved in over the years.  

The two authors both started teaching on the same day at Bolton School in September 1964 and both of them remained at the School until retirement, Charles in 1999 and David in 2002.  After retirement each of them undertook a spell as Old Boltonians' Liaison Officer and it was during this period that they became particularly aware of the wealth of archive photographic material in the School.  

Charles said of the book: "We hope the book will bring a great deal of enjoyment to people and will provide an extension of their knowledge of the School and its history.  This is a very special school with a quite unique history; the book will provide Old Boys with strong recollections of the time when they were here." 

Headmaster Mr Philip Britton said: "Looking at this book it is obvious that there has always been a clear sense of purpose about the School, whatever the era, and boys have always been stretched by the range of challenging activities that is put in front of them." 

David Shaw was a Physics teacher who was successively Housemaster of Harwood House, Third Year Block Master, Staff Administrator and, for his last 17 years, Deputy Headmaster.  Charles Winder was an English teacher, Head of English and finally Director of Studies for the Arts.  The two of them played for many years in the same staff cricket team and occasionally shared fell walking trips.  In retirement they remain good friends.

Anyone interested in purchasing a copy should call 01204 434718 or email development@boltonschool.org

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