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Teenage Journey: Be a Man

The first in-person Teenage Journey talk of the Term for parents will take place on Monday 18 October (in the Leverhulme Suite at 7.30pm) and will be delivered by Chris Hemmings, a freelance journalist and speaker.

Chris’s book ‘Be A Man - How Macho Culture Damages Us and How to Escape it' looks at the myriad of ways in which the male pursuit of dominance damages men, women, boys and girls both physically and mentally. It also charts his own journey, and how buying in to macho tropes damaged his sense of self. He will promote a healthier idea of what it means to be a man, speaking openly and honestly about his own mistakes, not least as part of university rugby culture, and drawing on that experience to make his message relatable to audiences of all ages.

Chris engages his audience in a discussion about how certain aspects of masculine expectation can not only damage individual men and boys, but also women and girls, too. The aim is to enable men and boys to think critically about their own behaviour, and recognise that they can overcome, amongst other things, mental health issues, tendencies for violence and the removal of female agency. By removing the patriarchal pressures exerted on men and boys, we can allow each other the space to be an individual - and encourage more of us to feel empowered to speak out against negative traits and perceived injustices. Chris is a freelance journalist who has worked for the BBC, Sky, ITV, the Independent and the Telegraph. He has produced and presented short-form documentaries for BBC2, made radio packages for BBC Radio 4 and appeared as a contributor on the BBC, CNN and ITN.

Any parents interested in attending should register via the parents’ evening system, or email BSBDPA@gmail.com, stating their relationship to school.