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Local Public Benefit: Senior School

This information should be read in conjunction with other public benefit activities listed in the left-hand menu.

  • Sixth Form students work as classroom assistants and mentors in local secondary schools
  • Staff and Sixth Form hosted an Interview Day for Year 11 pupils from Westleigh School
  • Girls' Division Sixth Form students took assemblies at Hayward School
  • The regular hosting of a Latin and Greek Reading Competition.
  • Science: the inaugural Institute of Physics Lecture is held at Bolton School which attracts 13 schools and 600 pupils from across the region: it marks the launch of the Ogden Trust Science Partnership
  • Science: Old Boy Professor Sir Harry Kroto, Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry, returned to deliver a day of workshops and talks aimed at inspiring an interest in Science amongst the region's young people.  Sir Harry addressed over 1,000 pupils from Primary and Secondary schools across the region with a day of fun activities and lectures as part of the Ogden Trust Science Partnership, an initiative between local schools and universities which aims to promote science and engineering to young people.
  • Science: Bolton's Explosive Science Day for Year 10 Pupils
  • Proposed Masterclass for Technology: using our laboratories and staff in partnership with local secondary schools and Bolton University
  • Mentoring and joint programmes with Smithills and Ladybridge schools
  • Science: donation of text books to local schools, including Withins and Smithills
  • Science: hosted meeting for local Science Technicians, including refreshments and tour of Science Department
  • Head of Chemistry: runs a chemistry "camp" for senior students through Salters
  • English: proposed reading group with local secondary schools
  • Design Technology: share best practice at GCSE and A Level with Canon Slade School
  • Design Technology: hosts visits by staff and Y11, 12 & 13 students from Canon Slade to view each other's proejct work
  • Yr 11 & Sixth Form students help with Chorley Barnardo's Summer Play Scheme
  • Examinations Centre: we accommodate external candidates requiring an examination centre
  • Host MFL A Level Oral examinations
  • ICT: links with local high school, St Joseph's, to share advice and expertise
  • Mathematics: passes on used text books via Notts Police Aid Convoys
  • Music: take part in annual Radio 4 broadcasts
  • Music: the Parents and Friends of the School Chamber Choir is a community choir
  • Besides working with the Parents' Choir, the Music Department also works with the Bolton Choral Union
  • Music: provide many concerts for the community eg Concert Band Christmas Concert, Piano Festival, Great English Composers' Night, All Souls Service at St Anne's Parish Church, Lytham
  • Music: the School owns a large stock of choir music and often lends out pieces to choirs and churches
  • Music: external pupils often take their music exams at the School
  • Music Workshops: organised by music department, local teachers invited
  • Religion, Philosophy and Pyschology: promote awareness of charity work and needs of others in the wider community
  • Religion, Philosophy and Pyschology: encourage and offer guidance to pupils who volunteer to work in Offender Units for local teenagers
Pupils from local secondary schools and Chris Difford

The School hosted a songwriting workshop with Squeeze's Chris Difford for local seconary school Music pupils

Sir Harry Kroto, an Old Boy and Nobel Prizewinner in Chemistry, returns to Bolton School

Over 1,000 local pupils attended a workshop with Sir Harry Kroto, an Old Boy and Nobel Prizewinner in Chemistry

The School shares best practice in Design Technology at GCSE and A Level

The School shares best practice in Design Technology at GCSE and A Level