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Boys in Outstanding Gymnastics Final

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Y7 boys at Bolton School showed calmness under pressure as they performed a series of outstanding gymnastics routines and sequences in front of the whole of Y7 and Y8 and their teachers. The seven finalists (one pulled out injured on the day) each performed an eight piece sequence having won through earlier rounds which had involved the whole year group. Head of PE Mr Johnson said: “These boys have performed amazingly well given the pressure they are under and have produced some very impressive balances and travelling movements.” 

The PE staff judging the competition were given a tough task as each pupil performed an almost flawless routine. The eventual winner was Alex Cook, who was given one of the oldest cups in the School, the competition having run for well over 100 years. Mrs Brandon, Deputy Head, handed out second prize to Frank Cooke and the bronze medal to Umar Darsot. All boys received a certificate for making it to the final.

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