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Bronze Medal in Free Skating for Hollie

  • Roller Skating Solo Dance Champion

As June drew to a close, Hollie Asquith in Year 8 competed in her second British Championships of the year, this time in a different discipline: free skating. She skated a three-minute programme including double jumps, axles, and camel spins.

She placed third among twenty competitors. First and second were two Great Yarmouth skaters who only free skate, unlike Hollie who also competes in solo dance competitions.

Earlier in June, Hollie won the title of British Solo Dance Champion. This gained her selection represent Great Britain at Malaga in the European Cup during the Autumn half term. Later in July, she has been invited to GB trials, where skaters will be selected for free skating at the European Cup.

Her medal-winning positions in both competitions are particularly significant as she has also coped with growth injuries and took a three month break from all sport.

Hollie’s club is extremely proud of her double achievement. Her fellow club members also danced at the championships. Over the weekend nine skaters entered the competition: one newbie who was twelfth out of twenty-four and eight who finished in the top ten. Of those, five were in the top five, four achieved medals, and three were invited to trials.

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