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Girls to Represent the Town after Cross Country Success

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Bolton School Girls’ Division Cross Country teams have enjoyed success at the recent Bolton Schools’ Cross Country Championships hosted by Rivington & Blackrod High School. Particular congratulations to Elena Bartalotta (photographed) who won the Year 7 girls race to become overall Bolton town Champion. 

As a result of their individual performances, the following girls were selected to represent the Bolton Town team at the Greater Manchester School championships in February: 

In Year 7

Elena Bartalotta 1st place

Charlotte Harris 4th place

Molly Grimshaw 6th place

Zahara Mohammed 11th place


In Year 8/9  

Lucy Dixon 2nd

Alicia Backhouse 9th

Blythe Cordwell 15th

Emilie Reily 16th


In Year 10/11

Lucy Pixton 8th

Amy Doyle 9th


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