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Sunshine for Sports Day

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The last day of term saw the four Junior Boys’ School houses go head-to-head in the final event of the school calendar: Sports Day. The Long Jump, Cricket Ball and High Jump competitions had already taken place with Chadwick, Crompton, Dobson and Lever all picking up points for first second and third place in these field events. Sports Day itself saw house representatives compete in various races and relays.

Parents and family members flocked to join the Junior Boys on the Senior School Levels in the sunshine for the event. Each race was accompanied by loud cheers of encouragement and support from the crowd!

It was a close competition right up to the end, with additional points scored for several new school records which were set on the day. When all the points were totalled, the worthy winners were Chadwick. The Athletics trophy was received by Jayden Luhar and Ollie McCann, on behalf of Chadwick, and the Victor Ludorum prize went to Henry Ainscough.

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