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Vaulting Final Reaches New Heights

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The grace, balance and courage of the eight Year 8 finalists in this year’s Bolton School Boys’ Division vaulting competition was, as ever, quite remarkable. Performing with nerves of steel in front of their entire year group, their Form Teachers and the PE staff, each contestant completed a through vault, a long flight, a single box rotational and double-box rotational, each vault further testing their dexterity.

The close competition was judged by Mr Matt Johnson, Head of PE with the help of Mr Chilton, who said: “Once again these boys have performed outstandingly well and the PE Department is very proud of them and of being able to offer this challenging sport, which boys at many other schools would not get the chance to participate in. As ever, the standard has been exceptional.”

After some consideration, the Gold medal was presented by Deputy Headmaster Mr Wardle to William Fothergill, with Oliver Leachy taking the Silver and Jamie Death the Bronze. The other boys, who were already winners having won through to the final, all received certificates and were William Duffy, Thomas Darbyshire, Harrison Gee, Harry Mathieson and Amin Maljee.


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