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Year 8 Gymnasts Impress in Vaulting Final

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The boys in Year 8 have been working hard developing their vaulting skills during curriculum lessons and during the extra-curricular lunchtime club. A select group of six were chosen from the whole year group for the final, where they competed over four disciplines: through vault, long fly, rotational vault and double box vault.

The finalists were Lewis Bailey, Alex Cook, Frank Cooke, Archie Forshaw, Sam Neill and Thomas Wilson. All performed their four vaults well in front of an audience of their peers and teachers.

Mr Johnson, Head of PE, said: “We were delighted with the overall standard this year, but in the end there was one lad who stood out from the rest and was a worthy winner.”

The awards were presented by Deputy Head (Pastoral) Mrs Brandon. The gold medal and trophy went to Alex Cook, while Lewis Bailey received the silver medal and Sam Neill the bronze medal.

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