I Am Looking For

Angela Howe, Parent of Amelia, Charles and Isabella

We chose Bolton School  to educate our three children as we felt that it was the best School in our area and we were excited about the opportunities the School offered its students both in the classroom and outside the classroom. 

Today our children are now 20, 18 and 16 and all three of them are articulate, confident, well mannered and independent young people with a good sense of self worth. Two are studying at their first choice Universities and living away from home and the third has just entered the Sixth Form. 

Throughout their schooling the children were nurtured and encouraged to achieve and to explore to push boundaries and to reflect on the consequences of their actions whether this was on the sports field in the classroom or in a social setting.  The role models they encountered were wide and varied which has to help them in the outside world. 

At Bolton School the children are encouraged to participate in sports and music to a high level. Our eldest daughter played netball and lacrosse throughout her time at School. She was the First Team Netball Captain and played Lacrosse for Lancashire. As part of her Duke Of Edinburgh Award she helped coach the younger pupils. Our son played water polo, cricket and rugby for School. Our younger daughter netball. All three were introduced to outdoor pursuits and were taken out of their comfort zones on the regular Patterdale Hall trips.  They were taught how to deal with losing and disappointment as well as how to deal with success and advantage. 

Academically the children were stretched and encouraged to work hard to reach their potential.  

The curriculum is structured so that the  school  has regular days off the timetable which is valuable time and it is used to introduce the children to different experiences. Most importantly it helps them to deal with change.  This may be a change in routine, the people they are with and even their appearance. The ability to deal with change is invaluable to our young people.  

Enrichment and creativity is important and the School addresses this in many ways. There are curriculum trips, theatre productions and regular concerts, enrichment lectures.  The children are encouraged to volunteer both in the community and within the school itself.  

The Parents' Association is very active which brings in a sense of community and the children are encouraged to help at events. The Fireworks Display for example is a huge community event.  It also helps to make a bridge between the two schools. 

The School is also very approachable. The staff is varied. There are young teachers and there are old teachers who work together sharing ideas, new initiatives and old initiatives. To ensure that their teaching is relevant, productive and up to date. The Heads can be seen out and about. The headmistress herself was standing on Chorley New Road welcoming the children into School on the first few days of the new School Year  She is out there at all times watching sports matches, checking on various things and she knows exactly what is going on within the School. Since her arrival she has introduced several new initiatives such as making the Bronze Award - Duke of Edinburgh compulsory.  Nationally she is up to date and was at the forefront with regards to the changes in the Exams this year. This has been reflected in the results the girls achieved. The boys Head was seen camping with the Scout group recently and out and about at Patterdale. 

Both Heads have embraced social media and write weekly newsletters. Sharing success as well as the general housekeeping within a busy School community. 

As a parent this is what you like to see. A caring School in touch with its children, with the community and the world of education and one that has with high academic expectations, aspirations and which will encourage your children to achieve their potential.