I Am Looking For

Anthony Lilley OBE - CEO, Magic Lantern & Professor, Creative Industries, Ulster University

When I was very small, we used to drive past School on the way to my grandma's house.  Apparently, aged five, when the purpose of that impressive sandstone pile was explained to me, I became determined to attend.  Thanks to an assisted place and later scholarship funds, I was able to do so.  I am grateful to Bolton School for providing the foundation for everything that I've done since.  The classic Bolton School combination is hard work, good friends, challenging and thought-provoking teaching, a healthy desire to puncture the self-important and the sense that you can work hard to achieve things in life.    Even for someone in the creative business, perspiration is 90% of what goes into making anything work - but you need a point of view and a certain stability.  Bolton School gave me the foundations from which to believe things are possible regardless of where you come from.  That's not a bad start.