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Chris Eatough, World Champion at Mountain Bike Endurance and Old Boy

“Innovation with programmes and sports is one of the reasons I went to Bolton School in the first place. Having the chance to learn, train for and play water polo was a real treat for me, and there were very few schools doing it at that time.

I also learned some important lessons from water polo that have served me well in sports and in life. One is hard work. Wow, training sessions for water polo were hard. I remember being so exhausted on Friday nights after those sessions. Another is respect.

 The etiquette in water polo for zero tolerance for disrespect to officials is something I really value.  Very few sports are like that.  It's something I remember being taught, never to say anything back to a referee, or even to give them a dirty look.  Just stay focused and get on with the job at hand. 

That discipline and focus really impacted my athletic career with mountain biking, and with other aspects of everyday life too.  I am very grateful to Bolton School for contributing to this solid foundation.  So thank you.  I am sure the School has done the same for many other young men over the years.”