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Mrs Helen Critchlow, Parent

The extra-curricular offering at Bolton School is immense. My son spends his spare time playing bass guitar in the Senior Concert Band, helps with Russian Club, indulges in bell-ringing, dabbles in broadcast TV, and is building a rocket to enter a national competition. And that is just this term. He will never stop talking about his school trip to Russia. Camping at Saundersfoot and outdoor pursuits up at Patterdale are character-forming. Regular trips to the theatre and participation in the performing arts are a given, even for those boys not studying drama or English at A level. Throughout their time at Bolton School they are encouraged to volunteer, to lead, to perform, to try new things, to move outside their comfort zone and they emerge as fine, rounded, honourable young adults equipped to thrive and succeed wherever life takes them.

Engaging parents in school life is a key theme at Bolton School. The Teenage Journey Series invites a wide range of speakers into school to guide parents through the challenges of the teenage years. Mental health, resilience, life skills, drugs and alcohol, health and wellbeing, parenting, social media, pornography, sexting, consent; all these difficult issues are faced head-on and parents are hugely grateful for all the support and advice that Bolton School provides. The Parents’ Associations are thriving and through many varied activities bring parents together, often with staff, to help build a whole-school community for the benefit of all.