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Lucy and Ian Riggs Parents of Katie and Charlotte

Bolton School has lived up to-and exceeded-everything we would want for the education of our children. Staff are supportive and encouraging, teaching to an exceptional standard, with high expectations of the students. Students are in turn highly motivated and have a good work ethic as they aim high and want to succeed.
Aside from outstanding academic achievement, what really sets Bolton School apart is the  huge range of extra-curricular activities on offer. Great value is placed upon student participation in these activities and the range of clubs and experiences on offer is endless!  No matter what  a child’s interests or talents might be, there is an extra curricular club to match it and nurture it. In addition to this, students are positively encouraged to move out of their comfort zone and try something new. Outdoor pursuits opportunities are second to none, and trips to Patterdale, the school’s outdoor pursuit centre, are a highlight of the year. The school also encourages students to think of others and become involved in events that benefit the wider community. 
All in all, Bolton School is a fantastic school and we would not want our children to go anywhere else!