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Miss Ruth Robson, Parent

In the Summer of 2018, my son Oscar was very lucky to be offered a bursary at Bolton School. We had worked hard for this chance – and we are grateful every day for the opportunity that attending Bolton has already given Oscar - and he's only just started Year 7! As his lone parent, I am hugely relieved to see how Oscar has felt totally embraced by the School, and noted how the school go out of their way daily to ensure that all children have the same opportunities, regardless of their financial background. I tell him EVERY day of the great opportunities that going to Bolton School offers him for his future, and will ensure he maximises that! One of the main reasons that Bolton School appealed to me as a parent was that if focuses on more than just academic qualifications. I wanted Oscar to be developed as an individual ready to face a tough world in a balanced way, which means a lot more than just qualifications nowadays.