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Parent of a Bursary Pupil

The opportunity to attend Bolton School as a result of the bursary policy has meant that staff and his peers have been able to stretch and challenge our son across all subjects which may not have happened in a state school. He has had access to a range of cultural activities and sporting activities that we (as parents) could not have afforded to provide for him such as music lessons (where bursary monies are also available) and which have all helped to improve his cultural and social capital as well as embed his learning. These experiences and mixing with other peers who also have a strong work ethic have helped to raise his aspirations and allowed him to make use of his merits in a way which would not have been possible at any other school in the geographical area. His bursary status has always been anonymous and he has never felt any stigma attached to the status from his peers or teachers. Bolton School continues to offer additional cultural and sporting activities which are inclusive of the fees that are paid eg free travel to and from school sporting events. For those who are unable to pay the full or prohibitive costs of school trips (eg ski trips) there may be financial support available which permits full inclusion or levelling-up for all students. The School’s response to the COVID crisis has been first-class with on-line learning and assessment continuing and communication with parents outstanding as always. We have never regretted our decision to send our son to Bolton School. He has thrived and made many life-long friends.