"Park Road shaped young minds to uphold the virtues of self discipline, self sufficiency, determination, fair play and self belief without arrogance."

Phillip Taylor, Former Pupil

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Tamsyn Murray, Author

At a time when we are often told reading is in decline, I can’t tell you how much pleasure the Bolton Children’s Fiction Award gave me (and all the other authors) to know that we were in a room full of children who were already readers, a lot of whom had read some or all of the phenomenal shortlisted books. Your students are the real winners, because I believe reading is at the heart of everything we do and it confers so many gifts. So being surrounded by people who promote a love of books is still as important as ever – thank you for encouraging that love to grow. 

It was a real thrill to stand and look around the room at all of you. It means ever such a lot to have won – thanks again for all you’ve done to make the award a success.